Diet Solution Program Many would argue that 'dieting' is the fastest way to lose weight while some would argue that it is doing 'proper exercises'. So the question is: what is the fastest way to lose weight and get and amazing body? Below you will discover the answer to this burning question as well as what you should start doing to shed the excess pounds fast.The fastest way to lose weight is to combine both 'proper dieting' and 'proper exercising'. Both work together to give the best results. While you can lose weight doing just one of the above, you will get maximum benefits when you use the two together.Dieting:You should ensure that you have a balance diet at all times. You meals should consist of vitamins, minerals (you can get these from your fruits and vegetables), proteins, carbohydrates as well as fats. Note that fat should be the least of all the nutrients because you only need a small portion of fats for energy.Eat less more often - another essential part of dieting is the amount of foods that you intake. If you continue to eat the same as you are accustom to then the weight will stay the same. One way to guide your food intake is to spread your meals into smaller portions throughout the day rather than having 3 larger meals.Exercises:While you don't have to exercises everyday of the week, about 3- 5 days are important. During these days, you should get at least 30 - 45 minutes of intense fat burning exercises. This is one of the fastest way to boost your metabolism so that you can burn calories and shed the weight fast.